The Most Effective Social Media Platform You Should Focus On In 2014

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Most Effective Social Media Platform for 2014?

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Let’s face it. Social media is changing the way we interact and communicate in society. Technology is dominating and changing the world as we know it whether you like it or not. There are thousands of social media websites that people visit and utilize daily. Follow the conversation here for instance.

Businesses are starting to capitalize from using social media in a major way. If you have a business or you want to create an online presence, one of the most powerful tools you should use is video. Why? It’s much quicker, faster, and easier to get your message out into the marketplace when balancing impact with time & cost.

Videos are being watched everywhere on the internet (literally). On YouTube they have millions of visitors daily (literally). In our society most people have a short attention span (literally … lol) and have a tendency to want everything fast. Most people don’t like to read as much as they use too, however, they will watch your videos if there interested and you engaged them in a strategic manner.

Could you imagine having more than 100 to 300 videos on autopilot creating leads and income while you sleep? It may sound crazy, however people have been doing this for years. You have kids and adults from all over the world living their dreams starting businesses from home with YouTube videos. The greatest thing about videos is it can go viral… worldwide.

With a little creativity and a decent camera or screen capturing software, you can create a captivating, targeted video for the audience you are trying to reach, and place it right in front of them via other social media channels, optimizing your YouTube SEO, Facebook promoted posts, YouTube advertising (featured video spot), and so much more.

You don’t need all the expensive equipment in the beginning. You don’t have to get everything right, just get it going. Your videos might not be the best in the beginning, however the more videos you create the better you will become. No one becomes a professional video maker overnight. You can learn about lead generation systems and creating your own website later.

It’s a good idea to focus on your video creation in the beginning so you will have a better understanding of your lead generation systems and your website. Some of the same principles you will learn and use in your videos can be applied to other areas in your marketing.

I highly recommend you or anybody with a business to utilize social media in 2014 to the best of your abilities. Social media is on track to explode in ways that you would NEVER imagine.

By the way, the inclusion of YouTube is my opinion. There are many other social media platforms such as Vine that could surprise us. Plus the big platforms in the poll above all in their own way will grow. Social media in general is growing. When the sea rises all boats rise.

Would love feedback & your thoughts on the topic below.

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