Footer Menu in WordPress with CSS & HTML

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Learn how to create a footer menu within WordPress not using widgets but with CSS & HTML within the theme files.

A lot of times when creating a custom WordPress theme not all aspects of the theme need to be accessible from the WordPress dashboard. One being simple footer navigation that may never change. If it does change its not a big deal to change, but setting it up initially using widgets is kind of overkill in my opinion for just a few simple links and some copyright information.

With just some simple CSS & HTML we were able to create a decent looking menu in the matter of a minutes.

Follow me through the video and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments.

About Frank Apicella

Frank Apicella is the founder of Snippet Central and HtotheML. He helps people make websites. However and whichever way he can accomplish it. With a strong background in Wordpress he can most certainly help you out.

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