Utilizing Your iPhone as a Web Designer

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I can make a pretty bold statement. If your a web designer, you most likely have a smart phone. I don’t have any statistics to back this up so I’m going to take a poll and you can see for yourself:

What kind of phone do you have? (web designers only please)

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Hopefully I’m right.

So it is no doubt that our smart phone supplies us as web designers, with so many tools & resources that would be foolish for us not to take advantage of.


I know that for me, I have a passion for web design, so its not hard to listen to podcasts over music. I probably listen to 1-2 hours of podcasts per day and I know that sure sounds like a lot but I’m just using my time wisely. I listen to podcasts while I drive, when I’m at the gym, and when I wash dishes (lol, no dishwasher here). Honestly, listening to other entrepreneurs, web designers & marketers has made me a better web designer, marketer & entrepreneur. You are what you consume. Here are some of my favorite podcasts I listen to regularly:

Shop Talk Show
The Web Ahead
Entrepreneur on Fire
Top Marketing Strategies

If you have any good podcast suggestions please let me know!


Feedly is basically an RSS reader, and a good one at that. If your not up on the “web” news you need to be. The one thing as a web designer you don’t want to get stale are your skills, and the one way you will sharpen them is by reading otherwise over time they will become dull, and sooner or later useless. Some good times to read are when your in the doctor’s office waiting to be called, getting an oil change, don’t feel like watching TV or you do but as an alternative you can … read. I know its probably hard at first for some people, but trust me, if you discipline yourself in the area of reading, it will pay off big time.

Taking Screenshots

Its really the simple things that make us a better web designer. Screenshots are one of them. We all know how to take them on the desktop but how about your iPhone? You just hit the home key and top button at the same time and it will save your screen in Photos, then you can email yourself that photo for later reference. This is great to grab snippets of articles or what not that you want to refer to later. Speaking of screenshots, you guys might like this one:

iPhone Screenshot


This app is really cool! You can take a picture of any font and it will scan through its database and let you know what font it is! VERY useful! So cool I figured it deserves its own spot here in my blog post.

Other Apps

Here are a list of some less used but intermittently useful apps:

Dragon Dictation (great for jotting down ideas when you don’t have a free hand to write!)
Color Stream (helps make color palettes)
WordPress (haven’t even opened this yet but I’m sure its great! lol)
PS Express
Dropbox (of course!)
Omnifocus (best to do app out there)
FreshBooks (best invoicing app)

I’m going to keep it simple and stop here. If you guys/gals have any apps that you use I would love to hear about them. Thanks!

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Frank Apicella is the founder of Snippet Central and HtotheML. He helps people make websites. However and whichever way he can accomplish it. With a strong background in Wordpress he can most certainly help you out.

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